November 18th Meeting Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our next meeting is this Friday, November 18th.  Our very own Lisa will be our speaker. She will be doing a talk and demonstration on Infant/Child CPR and how to handle choking. Then, we’ll get a chance for some hands on practice with baby dolls. Please bring a baby doll from home if you have one. Don’t miss this very important information.

Group 2 is bringing food.  If you are in Group 2 and haven’t signed up for food, please contact Elizabeth.

Remember child drop off starts at 9 AM and our meeting starts promptly at 9:15 AM.

Parents of MOPPETS in the Preschool Room:

Miss Tammy is planning on making homemade play dough using kool-aid. Please dress for possible mess. If time allows, she would also like to do some bean art. If anyone thinks that their child is not ready to do art with glue and beans, please let me know. She was more concerned about the youngest preschoolers maybe wanting to put the beans in their mouths. You guys know your kids best.

Also, as a reminder, if you are going to be absent for a meeting, you need to contact your Group Leader no later than 8 AM on that Friday.  Adjustments in our MOPPETS rooms may be necessary and we can arrange to get you any missed material.

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