Meeting Notes for 09/06/13

Our first meeting was filled with lots of excited anticipation.  We were all so excited to get back to MOPS!  A new year, a new theme, and lots of new faces have our year off to a great start! IMG_2751

Our theme, A Beautiful Mess, has our Steering Team really excited and inspired this year.  We will be learning to embrace our stories and the beautiful mess that accompanies them!  We started our first meeting off with a devotional and prayer from our Co-Coordinator, Amanda.  Then our Co-Coordinator, Jennifer, introduced us to this year’s theme.

Something new that we have added to the beginning of our meetings is the sharing of our beautiful messes through photos and stories.  Jennifer shared one of her children in the midst of play with toys surrounding them and the story behind their beautiful mess.

Steering Team provided breakfast for everyone and it was absolutely delicious!  Debi, our Hospitality Leader, guided us through our first craft of the year, our name tags.  We made a beautiful mess creating them and had a chance to get to know one another and share some stories from our summers.  We closed the meeting with announcements, prayer requests, and prayer.

We look forward to embracing our stories together and getting to know each other more deeply throughout the year.

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