Traditions HandOut

We began our meeting by thanking Debi, our hospitality leader and the coordinator of our Photobooth Fundraiser, for her tremendous efforts put forth for the Photobooth Fundraiser.  Debi made sure a fantastic background was created for the fundraiser, coordinated the making of the props and purchasing of supplies, and supplied her talent, equipment, and time to taking the photos.  We appreciate her efforts!

Debi began the meeting with a devotional and Susan shared her Beautiful Mess photo.

Tracy Solomon, a MOPS leader and contributor, spoke to us about the beautiful mess of the holidays.  She talked the most about traditions and how we can create traditions that are simple yet meaningful and yet are still realistic.  These are the ones that typically create the best memories for our families.  She encouraged us to grow or even remove traditions as the time in our lives changes and our families grow and change.

We ended the meeting in circle time and sharing our concerns and joys in prayer.

Thank you Tracy Solomon for speaking to our group!!

Announcements & Upcoming Events:

  • Milkshake Monday:  To be announced
  • Mom’s Night Out: Tuesday, Dec. 10th 8 PM – Wrapping party at Lori C.’s.   Get a jump start on all of your wrapping and enjoy good company too!
  • Playdate:  Monday, Dec. 16th 10AM- Playdate for the kids at Grand Blanc United Methodist Church.  There will be some indoor toys for the kids to play with, snacks, hot cocoa, and storytime.

Speaker: Tracy Solomon – December 6th, 2013

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