Wow, what a cold and wintry weather we are having!  We heated things up at our meeting this week by welcoming a new mom to our group, as well as visiting with our MOPS coach.

Debbie read two devotionals on motherhood and mistakes.  I will post the links on our facebook page when Debbie gets back from sunny Florida 🙂

Elizabeth shared her beautiful mess photo with us of her basement and what it “really” looks like.  The boys look like they have a ton of fun.  Elizabeth also gave thanks for her little men!

Angela C. helped us to create prayer journals to keep throughout the year.  She provided instructions and ideas on different ways to set them up as well.  They were simple and fun to create and we had time to visit during the craft.

We closed the meeting in circle time where our concerns and many joys were shared.  We also want to thank everyone who helped move, clean, and re-move everything back into the nursery and pre-school room.  The new carpet is wonderful and both rooms smell like new!


Our next Mom’s Night Out will be Appetizers at Applebee’s on Fri. Feb. 28th @ 8:30pm

February 21st, 2014 Meeting Notes

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