Family InitialSpring is here!  Okay, well at least it’s close.  Birds are returning from the south, the skunks are out stinking up everything, and we are starting to see lots of other signs too, like buds on the trees and the snow melting quickly and quietly away.   Our meeting this week was filled with lots of crafty fun!  The theme for our meeting was Family Vision.

Debi S. gave a devotional and Jennifer shared her beautiful mess photo of her living room and what “living” in it really looks like.  😉  We shared about ourselves and our families over the yummy breakfast provided by Group 1.  Angela C. then helped us complete a decoupage family initial.  Some of us brought family pics to cover the initial and others used scrapbook paper.  We created our own “beautiful mess” while completing this craft and as always, we enjoyed chatting with each other and encouraging one another.

We could barely pull ourselves away to end our meeting, but we did so by sharing our joys and concerns and Jennifer closed in prayer.



Milkshake Monday – *Changed to April 14th*  We thought we could use a break from Spring Break!

MNO – April 24th – Project Night at the Church in Fellowship Hall from 7pm to 11pm

*Save the date, Volunteer Dinner, May 22nd at 6pm.

*Save the date, Mom 2 Mom Sale, August 16th from 9am to 1pm.

Meeting Notes for March 21st

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