Meeting Notes for March 7th

Will the snow never end?  We are all waiting for the wintry weather to give us a nice break, called Spring!  Our meeting this past week was a ton of fun and filled with laughter and new friends!  We were able to start the meeting by getting a great view of a herd of deer crossing the church’s parking lot, past the fellowship hall and into the woods behind the church.  I was able to snap a few great pics, but I didn’t have my CF card in, which means no pics!!  I was so disappointed to make that discovery on Friday afternoon.  Despite the disappointment, the glow of great friends and fun stayed with me!

Angela C. gave a devotional on the most important thing you can say (or not say) to a mom.   Here is the link if you would like to read it.

Katrina shared her beautiful mess photo with us.  We ate a lovely breakfast and then were able to sit and chat.  We also had a great book exchange of both adult and children’s books.  I was incredibly happy to have a few new books to read and the kids as always were excited to see new books for them too!

Towards the end of the meeting we also played a cute game called “Telestrations”.  We all wrote down a song lyric or a famous saying or a word and then folded the paper.  The next person read what we wrote and then had to draw it out on the paper.  The paper was then folded again and the next person could only look at the drawn picture and try to guess what the original song lyric, saying or word was.  Then the cycle repeated itself, with the next person reading what was last written and drawing it out, and the next person studying the last drawing and writing what they thought it was.  We did this until the paper was full and then returned them to the original authors.   It’s a neat version of “Telephone” and the results were hilarious!  We couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

We closed the meeting in prayer with our concerns and joys!


Play Date, Friday, March 28th, Senior High Room at Grand Blanc United Methodist Church, at 10AM.  Theme change to Frozen.  We will be watching the movie and making smoothies!  YUM!

Be on the lookout for Muffin Morning, we are rescheduling it for sometime in April.


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