Our meeting was a nice change of pace.  We met in the library, which was literally warm and cozy.  Lisa B. opened with a devotional on spending time with Jesus to strengthen and refreIMG_4090sh yourself.  She read from Psalm 105 and Luke 10 v. 39-42.  She also recommended the Jesus Calling app.

Group 2 provided a lovely breakfast and we ate while listening to our speaker, LeShay M., on organization.  LeShay has been on an organization journey in her own home and shared with us some really helpful tips to getting organized.  She also provided us with some references for more great ideas and tips.  http://www.alejandra.tv/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JDMBJsHUXk, and The Mother’s Heart magazine http://www.the-mothers-heart.com/.  LeShay and her sweet baby Izzie also gave us each a cute goodie bag!  Thank you LeShay for talking with us!

We spent the rest of our meeting sharing our own favorite tips for keeping our own homes clean and organized.  Some great tips that we shared:

1)  Have a list of things to clean each day.  That way when you find yourself with some time and energy, all you have to do is reference the list.

2)  Shop the Dollar Store and be creative.  You can find some great containers and other things to help get things organized and it is not expensive.

3)  Give each member of your family a cube, drawer or book box for their special papers.  When the cube, drawer, or box is full, clean it out.

4)  Keep a hook by the door for each family member.  Make it a family habit to hang up jackets and hats on the hook when you come in.

5)  Toys overflowing?  Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to weed out some toys.   Get the kids involved and ask them to get rid of a certain number of items.  If they don’t want to choose, you do.

6)  Do one load of laundry every day.  Start the load before you leave the house in the morning.

7)  Have a family clean up time at the end of each day.  Everyone spends 15 minutes picking up.  You can even make it part of your bedtime routine.


I personally shared that we are trying to stick with a new rule in our house:  One Thing In, One Thing Out.  After the meeting I found myself putting away some things in the Fellowship Hall and since I was already there, decided to shop the rummage sale that was going on. With three kids tailing behind, you just know that I didn’t leave empty handed.  Our give and take table was also full of wonderful things and each of the kids ended up with something to take home.  So, I thought it would be a great way to hold myself accountable and show you what we brought in and what went out.   Of course, I still don’t have my going out items.   I will post that picture as soon as I have it.  Hence, why I need to be held accountable 🙂


New Play Items Coming In



Milkshake Monday*Changed to April 14th*  We thought we could use a break from Spring Break!

Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 19th at 10am at Grand Blanc United Methodist Church.  It’s free and sure to be lots of fun for the kids!

MNO April 24th – Project Night at the Church in Fellowship Hall from 7pm to 11pm

*Save the date, Volunteer Dinner, May 22nd at 6pm.

*Save the date, Mom 2 Mom Sale, August 16th from 9am to 1pm.



*Don’t forget to email your questions for the Discussion Panel meeting in May to Debi S.

*Early Registration began April 1st.  You can get $3 off your registration fee if you pay by June 1st.   The early registration fee is $21.95.  After June 1st, it is $24.95.

Meeting Notes for April 4th

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