First Meeting Notes

Be You bravely printable with theme verse

Our first meeting, on September 5th, was an exciting way to start the new year!   It was wonderful to see new and familiar faces alike!  We started the meeting off with our theme verse (Isaiah 43:18-19), devotional and opening prayer given by my co-coordinator, Angela C. and then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together.   I was a little busy running around with last minute details, but it was great to see everyone together enjoying a meal, getting acquainted and catching up.

After breakfast, we went over the information handed out in the folder, completed a survey on availability for Mom’s Night Outs and playdates, touched on some updated policies (please no soliciting; cancellation policy for MNO’s and playdates; you cook, we clean; and the chore arrows), and talked about the theme  (Be You, Bravely) and the exciting adventures that leadership has planned for the year.    One of those adventures will be challenges that we issue at each meeting.  The challenge issued this meeting was to read the chapter titled “Tell Your Story” in the book we each received from MOPS International.  Remember,  if you completed the challenge,  be sure to write your name on a post it when you come in at the next meeting and place it on our challenge board so we can track your challenge points.  We will be giving away small gifts at intermittent intervals to those with the most points!

We then completed an icebreaker to help us to get to know one another better.  We each individually completed questions and filled out the answers on our papers and then had to seek out another person to complete the second section, which related back to the answer given.  For example:  What is an adventure that you have been on?    Find someone who has never been and would like to go.

Our time flew by and unfortunately the meeting had to come to a close.  We did so in circle time, praise (for a great surprise!), and prayer.  I am excited about the new year and what God has in store for each and every one of us, individually and collectively.  This year is going to be my bravest yet and I hope it is yours too!

Upcoming Events:

Our next meeting is Friday, September 19th at the Grand Blanc United Methodist Church in Grand Blanc from 9am – 11am.

MNO – Firepit Party at Jennifer Reynolds’ home, Wednesday September 25th from 8pm-10pm (ish)

Our makeup date if the weather is not cooperative will be Thursday, September 26th

Playdate – Rust Park in Grand Blanc, Monday, September 30th from 10am – 12pm (ish)

Our makeup date will be Wednesday, October 1st


*Fall semester dues of $45 ($35 if you participated in the Mom2Mom Sale) are due at our next meeting, September 19th.

Please turn into Amanda, our Finance Leader, at the beginning of the meeting.

*If you have not had your picture taken, please come camera ready, as Jennifer R. (that’s me!) will be taking everyone’s photo for the photo directory.

*Don’t forget to complete this week’s challenge!*


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