Devotional & Challenge

Every week, we will try and post the week’s devotional and challenge for all of our moms.  If you are reading this and aren’t a part of our group, we dare you to join us and complete the challenges alongside of us throughout the year.  Please feel free to leave a comment below on how you completed the challenge.  We would love to hear from you!


Devotional from September 19th Meeting:

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

 Joshua 1:9

This verse is encouragement to my ears, especially after the crazy mixed up week I have had. I know that many of us have had the same week! I don’t know about you but the hardest thing I face in motherhood is the constant feeling of discouragement. I started my week feeling optimistic and excited. I was on top of the laundry, FINALLY! I had managed to keep the kitchen to the level of cleanliness that makes ME happy (everyone else’s version of clean in my family is MUCH lower!) and I was even able to clean a few drawers out that had been driving me CRAZY!

I started homeschooling my son this year and even though the previous week had started out rough, we ended on such wonderful terms I couldn’t wait to get started again. (crazy I know!) My husband had even left me a note that said “I love you and all that you give to our family. Don’t give up, it’s working!”

Then life happened…

My son refused to do any school work… for days! It was picture day at school on Wednesday, which meant coordinating outfits and backgrounds and making sure children were clean and beautiful the next day. My basement sprung a slow leak, ruined a pantry and some boxed goods and we still don’t know exactly what’s wrong so everything is just stacked everywhere downstairs. I hurt myself helping my husband move the pantry out of the basement too! My youngest daughter was sent home from school on Tuesday because she wasn’t feeling well. The next day she was at the doctor’s with strep, a fever, and an extremely congested chest with a harsh cough.

One $70 antibiotic prescription, a two hour wait at Meijer with lots of cranky employees and patrons, and one good badgering from an elderly woman about keeping my son from his friends at school and I was finally home with a car full of groceries to unload and two hungry kids to feed and one tired mama. Before I knew it, the week was almost over. And what had I done? What had I accomplished? I was just more behind than when I started. Why should I keep trying to make headway? How was I ever going to keep up with this maddening pace of life with kids? What kind of mother was I? Was I really making the right choice about homeschooling? ….

The questions,

the guilt,

the doubt,

AND the fear all started to creep in.

I’ve noticed that lately, the constant creeping of all these feelings that threaten to overwhelm me and swallow me whole.  But God keeps reminding me to BE BRAVE. Joshua 1:9 says ““Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” God is speaking directly to me, taking my hand and telling me to take that one small step in faith that he is with me and will keep me safe. That with Him, I can take that step, no matter how tired or terrified I may be, that I WILL have the strength to move through the remainder of this very minute, this hour, this day, this life that He has given me. God wants me to take a hold of his life saving Word and hide it in my heart, bring it to the forefront of my mind, so that it may uphold me and help me through the dark days that threaten me, scare me, and try to break me.   God’s Words to me mean more than just BE BRAVE. They mean…

Keep Moving, keep doing

Don’t give up or give in

Stand strong in what I know is right

Stop acting out of fear and stop trying to do it without Him

Trust Him… with everything!

And take today as today, don’t worry about tomorrow.

Easier said than done, I know! But I find, that when I feel completely overwhelmed by life, I need to sit down and take a minute, to close my eyes, to seek just a moment’s refuge, to give up my ideas and ideals and just LISTEN… truly, quietly (head space included) LISTEN. Almost every time, I find the answer to my questions, my dilemmas, my doubts, and my fears.

The answer is always the same and yet so easy to forget:

“For the Lord your God is with you! Do not be afraid or discouraged. Be strong and courageous.”

God knows you, He created you, He wants you to be the beautiful unique person He made and He wants you to know He is there with you always, so…

BE BRAVE, take heart, step out in the knowledge that He has all the strength you need to make it through ANYTHING you face!

Like my husband says to me sometimes “I’ve Got this!”

So does God!   He’s got this and you, ALL the time and everywhere you go!

written by Jennifer R. (Co-Coordinator GBUMC MOPS)

 Challenge from September 19th:

This week’s challenge is a two part, two point challenge.

First – Sign up to share your brave story.  There is a sign up sheet on the welcome table with meeting dates.  When you sign up, a reminder will be sent to you at the beginning of the week before the meeting you chose to share your story.

Second – Share your story with someone outside of MOPS.  Tell your story to someone you don’t know very well, or share an intimate part of your story with a good friend that doesn’t know a part of your story.  Or maybe you have a part of your story that you haven’t shared with your husband or kids?  Share your story honestly and openly.  God doesn’t want our stories to be or remain hidden, He wants them to be shared, so we can see life as it really is – a gift from Him, even when it’s hard and dirty!


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