2014 Summer Mom 2 Mom Sale!


Mom 2 Mom Sale

Mom 2 Mom Sale
Saturday, August 16, 2014
9 AM to 1 PM

Early Admission at 8:30 AM $2
Regular Admission Fee $1
Strollers Welcome 

Grand Blanc United Methodist Church
515 Bush Avenue
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Just in time to stock up on cool weather clothing for your littles ones! You’ll find everything you need for infants through 5T (maybe even bigger). We will even have a large item room!

Rental Information – ALL TABLES ARE SOLD OUT!

We will have 30 tables all located in the Fellowship Hall or in the Narthex.

Rental space is available:
8 foot table $20 each
Rack space $ 5 each (bring your own household size rack)
Large Items $ 1 each

If you are interested in renting space, please print, fill out the form below and mail it with your payment.




ALL OF OUR VENDOR SLOTS ARE CURRENTLY FILLED.  However, we do give away welcome bags and offer an option for you to provide 200 coupons, business cards, OR flyers and for $20 we will stuff the bags and give them away to our shoppers upon entry.  If you are interested in this option, please complete the vendor application and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are a vendor interested in renting space, please follow this link to fill in our online form. We will select up to 3 Vendors if there are still tables available 10 days before the sale. Please no phone calls. If you have any questions prior to Vendor selection, please send us an e-mail.

Vendor Application


If you have any questions, please e-mail grandblancmops@gmail.com.



As the year has drawn to a close, many of us have had to face the ‘beautiful mess’ of our difficult circumstances and now we have new challenges to brave this summer.     Our last meeting before summer break was filled with laughter and tears.    We were truly a beautiful mess together as we celebrated the year we have spent together, the good and the bad, and had to face one of our final goodbyes to a dear mom in our group.

Amanda gave the devotional, which was moving and brought more tears to our eyes as she touched our hearts with her words.   We celebrated those who served on the Leadership Team this year and brought our Beautiful Mess theme to life in our meetings.    Thank you so much for all of your hard work throughout the year!   You have blessed us all with your service.

Prizes were randomly given away throughout the meeting and we shared ideas on how to travel with kids.  Some of the ideas shared were to keep the kids busy with 2014-06-06 10.29.43games, electronics, and stops to interesting and entertaining places.   After sharing, we ate pizza, salad, and cake!  Yes, that’s right, for breakfast!! 🙂  Everyone was given a break from making the food and we all thoroughly enjoyed the meal together.

All too soon, we drew our meeting to an end in circle time prayer with prayers and praises and even more tears and laughter!  Thank you God for every woman in our group.  We are truly blessed to have such a group of women to share motherhood with!  Please bless each and every darling mother as they bravely face this new summer ahead!



Lisa’s Moving Playdate Wednesday, June 11th, 10am-12ish.  Please see evite or contact Jennifer for more information.

MNO – Thursday, June 12th, 8:30pm at US-23 Drive In Theatre.  We will be seeing Maleficient and X-Men!

Milkshake MondayJune 16th, 8:30pm at McDonald’s

Play Date – Friday, June 20th, 10am – lunch at Creasey Bicentennial Park – 1505 E. Grand Blanc Rd.

Please see our Summer Fun Calendar post for future dates for MNO’s and playdates.

*Save the date, Mom 2 Mom Sale, August 16th from 9am to 1pm.



*Early Registration ends soon!  You can get $3 off your registration fee if send in your payment by June 15th.   The early registration fee is $21.95.  After June 15th, it is $24.95.
*Please take time to fill out our End of Year Survey (a link will be in your e-mail). You can fill it out anonymously and we really do use your feedback to consider changes for MOPS next year.
*Don’t forget to sign up for a shift or two, or for one of our remaining leader positions for the Mom2Mom Sale.  We need everyone’s help to make our #1 Fundraiser of the year a success!

Meeting Notes for June 6th

Our meeting was a nice change of pace.  We met in the library, which was literally warm and cozy.  Lisa B. opened with a devotional on spending time with Jesus to strengthen and refreIMG_4090sh yourself.  She read from Psalm 105 and Luke 10 v. 39-42.  She also recommended the Jesus Calling app.

Group 2 provided a lovely breakfast and we ate while listening to our speaker, LeShay M., on organization.  LeShay has been on an organization journey in her own home and shared with us some really helpful tips to getting organized.  She also provided us with some references for more great ideas and tips.  http://www.alejandra.tv/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JDMBJsHUXk, and The Mother’s Heart magazine http://www.the-mothers-heart.com/.  LeShay and her sweet baby Izzie also gave us each a cute goodie bag!  Thank you LeShay for talking with us!

We spent the rest of our meeting sharing our own favorite tips for keeping our own homes clean and organized.  Some great tips that we shared:

1)  Have a list of things to clean each day.  That way when you find yourself with some time and energy, all you have to do is reference the list.

2)  Shop the Dollar Store and be creative.  You can find some great containers and other things to help get things organized and it is not expensive.

3)  Give each member of your family a cube, drawer or book box for their special papers.  When the cube, drawer, or box is full, clean it out.

4)  Keep a hook by the door for each family member.  Make it a family habit to hang up jackets and hats on the hook when you come in.

5)  Toys overflowing?  Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to weed out some toys.   Get the kids involved and ask them to get rid of a certain number of items.  If they don’t want to choose, you do.

6)  Do one load of laundry every day.  Start the load before you leave the house in the morning.

7)  Have a family clean up time at the end of each day.  Everyone spends 15 minutes picking up.  You can even make it part of your bedtime routine.


I personally shared that we are trying to stick with a new rule in our house:  One Thing In, One Thing Out.  After the meeting I found myself putting away some things in the Fellowship Hall and since I was already there, decided to shop the rummage sale that was going on. With three kids tailing behind, you just know that I didn’t leave empty handed.  Our give and take table was also full of wonderful things and each of the kids ended up with something to take home.  So, I thought it would be a great way to hold myself accountable and show you what we brought in and what went out.   Of course, I still don’t have my going out items.   I will post that picture as soon as I have it.  Hence, why I need to be held accountable 🙂


New Play Items Coming In



Milkshake Monday*Changed to April 14th*  We thought we could use a break from Spring Break!

Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 19th at 10am at Grand Blanc United Methodist Church.  It’s free and sure to be lots of fun for the kids!

MNO April 24th – Project Night at the Church in Fellowship Hall from 7pm to 11pm

*Save the date, Volunteer Dinner, May 22nd at 6pm.

*Save the date, Mom 2 Mom Sale, August 16th from 9am to 1pm.



*Don’t forget to email your questions for the Discussion Panel meeting in May to Debi S.

*Early Registration began April 1st.  You can get $3 off your registration fee if you pay by June 1st.   The early registration fee is $21.95.  After June 1st, it is $24.95.

Meeting Notes for April 4th

Family InitialSpring is here!  Okay, well at least it’s close.  Birds are returning from the south, the skunks are out stinking up everything, and we are starting to see lots of other signs too, like buds on the trees and the snow melting quickly and quietly away.   Our meeting this week was filled with lots of crafty fun!  The theme for our meeting was Family Vision.

Debi S. gave a devotional and Jennifer shared her beautiful mess photo of her living room and what “living” in it really looks like.  😉  We shared about ourselves and our families over the yummy breakfast provided by Group 1.  Angela C. then helped us complete a decoupage family initial.  Some of us brought family pics to cover the initial and others used scrapbook paper.  We created our own “beautiful mess” while completing this craft and as always, we enjoyed chatting with each other and encouraging one another.

We could barely pull ourselves away to end our meeting, but we did so by sharing our joys and concerns and Jennifer closed in prayer.



Milkshake Monday – *Changed to April 14th*  We thought we could use a break from Spring Break!

MNO – April 24th – Project Night at the Church in Fellowship Hall from 7pm to 11pm

*Save the date, Volunteer Dinner, May 22nd at 6pm.

*Save the date, Mom 2 Mom Sale, August 16th from 9am to 1pm.

Meeting Notes for March 21st

Meeting Notes for March 7th

Will the snow never end?  We are all waiting for the wintry weather to give us a nice break, called Spring!  Our meeting this past week was a ton of fun and filled with laughter and new friends!  We were able to start the meeting by getting a great view of a herd of deer crossing the church’s parking lot, past the fellowship hall and into the woods behind the church.  I was able to snap a few great pics, but I didn’t have my CF card in, which means no pics!!  I was so disappointed to make that discovery on Friday afternoon.  Despite the disappointment, the glow of great friends and fun stayed with me!

Angela C. gave a devotional on the most important thing you can say (or not say) to a mom.   Here is the link http://awidemercy.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-most-important-thing-you-will-ever.html?m=1 if you would like to read it.

Katrina shared her beautiful mess photo with us.  We ate a lovely breakfast and then were able to sit and chat.  We also had a great book exchange of both adult and children’s books.  I was incredibly happy to have a few new books to read and the kids as always were excited to see new books for them too!

Towards the end of the meeting we also played a cute game called “Telestrations”.  We all wrote down a song lyric or a famous saying or a word and then folded the paper.  The next person read what we wrote and then had to draw it out on the paper.  The paper was then folded again and the next person could only look at the drawn picture and try to guess what the original song lyric, saying or word was.  Then the cycle repeated itself, with the next person reading what was last written and drawing it out, and the next person studying the last drawing and writing what they thought it was.  We did this until the paper was full and then returned them to the original authors.   It’s a neat version of “Telephone” and the results were hilarious!  We couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

We closed the meeting in prayer with our concerns and joys!


Play Date, Friday, March 28th, Senior High Room at Grand Blanc United Methodist Church, at 10AM.  Theme change to Frozen.  We will be watching the movie and making smoothies!  YUM!

Be on the lookout for Muffin Morning, we are rescheduling it for sometime in April.



Wow, what a cold and wintry weather we are having!  We heated things up at our meeting this week by welcoming a new mom to our group, as well as visiting with our MOPS coach.

Debbie read two devotionals on motherhood and mistakes.  I will post the links on our facebook page when Debbie gets back from sunny Florida 🙂

Elizabeth shared her beautiful mess photo with us of her basement and what it “really” looks like.  The boys look like they have a ton of fun.  Elizabeth also gave thanks for her little men!

Angela C. helped us to create prayer journals to keep throughout the year.  She provided instructions and ideas on different ways to set them up as well.  They were simple and fun to create and we had time to visit during the craft.

We closed the meeting in circle time where our concerns and many joys were shared.  We also want to thank everyone who helped move, clean, and re-move everything back into the nursery and pre-school room.  The new carpet is wonderful and both rooms smell like new!


Our next Mom’s Night Out will be Appetizers at Applebee’s on Fri. Feb. 28th @ 8:30pm

February 21st, 2014 Meeting Notes


Our theme for this meeting was Marriage with Attitude.   Jennifer read from a blog post by Lisa Jo-Baker for the devotional.  It spoke about the everyday things her husband does for her that deepens her love and appreciation for her husband.  Angela C. shared with us her beautiful mess photos of her daughter.  If you would like to read it please go to http://lisajobaker.com/2013/07/when-you-think-your-love-story-is-boring/

Before breakfast, Jennifer asked the group to each search their purses and pockets for loose change.  She asked each person to add up the amount of change they had and then to plan a date night with that amount (childcare not included).  A few ideas we shared:  go for a walk at the local park; share a candy bar or hot chocolate together; rent a movie from red box; or do all three if you had enough change!

After breakfast, Angela C.  showed us how to make a lovely “i Love u” frame that we could write messages to our loved ones on the glass with a dry erase marker.  What a great idea and it was so easy and fun!

We ended the meeting in our circle time with many praises!


Meeting Dues were due this meeting or $6 are due at each meeting.  If you still need to pay your dues, please contact Angela Z.

Our next Playdate is at the Children’s Musuem on $2 Tuesday Feb. 11 from 11-3pm.    Feel free to bring a sack lunch, they have an area for eating.

Nursery Clean-Out:  Wed. 2/12 from 9:30-11:15

Nursery Move-In:  Fri.  2/14 from 9am-12pm

Milkshake Monday:  Mon. 2/17 from 8:30-close at McDonald’s in Grand Blanc

Our next Mom’s Night Out will be Appetizers at Applebee’s on Fri. Feb. 28th @ 8:30pm

February 7th, 2014 Meeting Notes